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MX3 Motion Controller
MX3 Motion Controller

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Get your camera moving right out of the box! Our ready-to-run MX3 controller unleashes precise camera and motor control through motion control time-lapse, motorized real-time camera moves and stop-motion.

No need for additional intervalometers to synchronize the camera with movement, the MX3 takes care of everything...
Note: This product does not include a power source, one must be purchased
Our Price: $195.00

Product Code: MX3-OPTION

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Simply power the MX3, connect to almost any DSLR (Canon, Nikon, Sony, Pentax, etc) and plug in a DC motor to get your pictures moving. The following items are available separately: 12V DC battery pack, camera connection cables, DC motors - the MX3 can support up-to three DC brushed motor axes directly.
3-Axis Motion Control

The MX3 supports three DC brushed motor axes directly using the built-in motor drivers. The industrial spec drivers can handle motors that draw up to 24 volts at 2 amps!

Integrated Camera Control
Hook any camera with a supported remote cable up to the MX3 and start shooting motion-integrated timelapse videos right away. No need for additional intervalometers or other electronics to synchronize the camera with the motion. Control every aspect of the exposure, including auto-focus and exposure on-camera or controlled by the MX3.

Advanced Motion Capabilities
The MX3 can run all axes of motion in both continuous and shoot-move-shoot modes. Complete control of the output motion including ramping/feathering in the output video and delayed lead-ins are possible with the MX3.

Ample Onboard Memory
With 128k of memory the MX3 has 4 times the firmware space as it’s predecessor. The initial release only utilizes 30% of the available memory so the MX3 has lots of room to grow.

Power-Monitoring and Power-Saving Features
The MX3 has live voltage metering and the ability to set warning levels to keep on top of attached batteries. Auto-dim the screen, or disable it completely on a timer to reduce power draw when shooting in the field. Advanced motor control reduces power draw during continuous motion moves.

Auxiliary Inputs / Outputs
Interact with your environment, integrate with other systems and expand your capabilities. The MX3 is ready to take inputs and make changes to the program on the fly based on triggers from external sources. Switches, relays, other systems and more can be used in conjunction with the MX3.

MoCoBus Port
The MX3 includes a MoCoBus port which will allow it to communicate with our future MoCoBus product lines including the forthcoming NMX networkable stepper modules.

The MX3 is built around open-source electronics and firmware. Hack it, mod it, change the code, add new features - it's yours: you are free to experiment.