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Stage One PLUS Motorized Analog Slider: Build your bundle

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The Stage One Complete Motorized Slider bundle is a ready-to-run travel and adventure package consisting two 20" carbon fiber extension sets (no additional charge) for a total length of 40".

Simply connect each extension pair to build the slider base or break down the sections for an ultra-portable lightweight system (easily expandable to almost any length with additional carbon fiber extension sets).

Other combinations can be selected below using the drop down choices. We're ready to help you create the perfect bundle custom tailored to your exact project needs. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Our Price: $1,250.00

Product Code: BDL-1-CMP

Choose a screen type for the MX3 Controller

MX3 Controller Screen Type (bundle)*:
The VFD screen has a extreme temperature range (-40c to +85c) and is brighter and clearer in direct sunlight
Select a camera cable based on your camera model

Camera Cable:
   For a complete list of camera models and corresponding cable types click the "?" icon at left.
Choose the extension set lengths you need

Extension length (1st)*:

Extension length (2nd)*:

Extension length (3rd):
Choose a slider motor RPM speed

Swappable DC Motor RPM Choices*:
   Motor Speeds are variable and different speed and torque characteristics should be considered. Click the "?" icon at left for more information.
Build a multi-axis analog timelapse and video rig

Add rotary pan/tilt units + Motors*:
No pan and tilt rotary units included
Add pan or tilt with a single rotary unit, motor and camera plate kit [+$395]

Add pan and tilt with two rotary units w/motors, axis bracket and camera plate kit [+$735]

Choose system accessories

Doubler Pulley:
Add speed doubler pulley [+$35]

Motor Overhang Adapter:
Add motor overhang adapter [+$35]

Ultra-capacity pro battery:
Add extreme 23,000mAh capacity battery pack [+$120]

Multi-angle levelling wedge:
Add multi-angle levelling wedge (achieve level multi-axis shots sliding at any angle) [+$160]

Timelapse+VIEW: Exposure Ramping:
Add Timelapse+VIEW Advanced Intervalometer [+$380]

Bi-pod slider legs:
Add Bi-pod legs [+$150]

Brake and Drag Kit:
Add manual shooting brake and drag kit [+$30]

Cart Buddy II:
Add the Cart Buddy II shelf [+$35]

Product Description Package Contents Product FAQ's
Simply add camera, support and creativity;
The Stage One Complete Motorized Slider Bundle is a ready-to-run travel and adventure package and includes all the basic ingredients to start shooting. Comes standard (no additional charge) with two 20" carbon fiber extension sets you've got a portable and collapsible lightweight system ready to travel inside backpacks, carry-on luggage or large size camera bags.

Need a longer system or are you looking for a continuous system? No worries! Other combinations can be selected above using the drop down choices. You can go for smoothest, lightest, and least expensive operation using longer extension rails, or pack down down as small as possible using our short, 20-inch extension rails. If additional lengths are desired add more Stage One Extension Sets to your cart and get the total length you need.

This package comes with everything you need for a 40" stage one dolly:

  • MX3 Motion Controller (with choice of camera cable)
  • Two 20" Carbon fiber extension sets (Different length extension can be selected in the drop-downs above)
  • Stage One Cart and related hardware
  • Quick Snap Motor Mount
  • 8 RPM EZ-Swap DC Motor
  • Portable battery pack (2700mAH 12vDC)
  • 4' Kevlar reinforced belt

Check out this review video from Cheesy Cam (the AT2 is available as an extra accessory here or check out the Pro Stage One bundle here)

The MX3 Controller provides an intuitive and simple user interface
  • Plug in information and the engine makes the right decisions for you
  • Five simple buttons control all features
MX3 Motion Controller

Advanced Capabilities
The simplicity of the system does not prevent you from doing advanced operations, like tuning motors, tweaking camera settings down to the millisecond, and more.

Complete Camera Integration
  • Intervalometer
  • Exposure Control
  • Bulb or Camera-controlled
  • Post-Exposure Delays
  • Focus Line Control
  • Support for most major dSLRs
  • Canon, Nikon, Pentax, etc.

Motion Control Modes

  • Continuous Motion
  • Smooth video-like motion from 0.12"/minute to 30.9"/minute
  • Shoot-Move-Shoot (Interleaved)
  • Extended run time (up to days between moves) from 0.01" to 30.9" travel between shots
  • Manual Motor Control
  • Cart can also be used without belt as a fully hand-pushed manual slider