How do I return an item?

Warranty and Returns

We will refund the purchase price of any product returned to us new, un-opened, and in original condition within thirty (30) days of purchase with proof of purchase. Contact us at [email protected] or by phone before returning any products to us, so that we may provide an RMA number.
We will be happy to exchange or replace any item purchased under the following warranty policies: 30 Day No Questions Asked Warranty: We'll fix or replace anything that suffers from a defect in manufacturing or assembly. We do not warranty damage incurred in handling or shipping.

1 Year Limited Warranty: we will warranty everything but consumables. Consumables not replaced under warranty after 30 days. Unless otherwise defined on the product listing page, consumables are defined as: bearings, bushings, belts, and cables. This warranty covers any defect or failure in any product, other than normal damage incurred with use of the product. Wear and tear, and damage done to product while using it is not covered under warranty. Under no conditions will we accept liability for any amount higher than the original purchase price of the product in question.

If you do have to return something rest assured we'll do everything in our power to make it right for you. Contact us before returning any items at [email protected] to receive an RMA number and shipping destination. Returns must have an RMA number clearly printed on the box with all parts safely packed. Returns without an RMA number on the outside of the box we'll simply stare at and mutter 'what is that and where on earth did it come from?' and go back to business at hand. Items must be returned in their original or equivalent packaging, we will not be able to accept returned items that are not appropriately packaged or damaged due to inappropriate packaging on return transit.

When paying by credit card, your credit card information will be collected at check-out. Your credit card will be pre-authorized for the full amount of the purchase at the time of checkout, however the funds will not actually be collected (captured) from your card until shipment time. Pre-authorization of the credit card allows us to verify that the transaction is likely to complete and therefore will expedite order handling in the cases where a credit card transaction would not be approved at shipping time.

If your credit card is declined for any reason during the capture process, your order will not ship until we receive full payment. We will contact you by email or phone should your order not be completed due to a declined transaction. Please note that actual shipping charges may exceed the presented shipping estimate during check-out. See the Shipping Charges and Estimates section below for more information.

For customers paying by check or money order, your check or money order must be received before your order will ship. Please allow up to 10 business days after receipt for the check or money order to fully clear. A check payment order may be cancelled if payment is not received within 30 days of the order submission.
We take the privacy and protection of your information very seriously, please note that we do not store actual credit card numbers in our database, but instead use a secure, token-based system with our credit card processor. Due to this fact, we are unable to validate specific information regarding your credit card, such as card number or CVV number, after an order has been submitted. Should there be an issue processing your card, you may be required to provide this credit card information again.

Shipping for Items in Stock
We understand that you may be on a tight schedule and we'll do our best to ship items in stock the day after they have been ordered. Nevertheless, do plan on 2-5 business days to allow for processing when you place your order to be safe. You can check an order status by logging into your account and once your order is shipped you will receive an email letting you know it's on the way with tracking info if available. Please note that bad weather or other disasters can be stumbling blocks for even the largest shipping companies. We will not be able to refund partial or whole shipping fees if your package arrives late due to delays on the part of the shipping carrier. All shipments are FOB from Dynamic Perception.
If you require a rush shipment, such as next-day shipping, please contact us at [email protected] or by phone to arrange for shipping. It is not possible to purchase next-day shipping directly from the shopping cart system.

Shipping for Pre-Order and Back-Order items
Our priority is getting hardware and electronics in your hands as soon as humanly possible. When you commit to an order on an item that is not currently in-stock, we take that trust very seriously. We will keep you informed of the status of your order, and if the shipping date should drastically change from that documented in the product page at the time of your order, we will immediately inform you. In all cases order fulfillment is first-come-first-served and all customers are treated equally. If you're making plans around pre-order or back-order products, please take into account the expected shipping date listed on the product page before making a final decision. Please note that shipping dates for pre-order and back-order items are approximate, and may change (either earlier or sooner), by up to 50%. Purchasing a pre-order or back-order item is a commitment, and you will be billed when your product ships. Pre-order inventory will be stocked based on orders received, and canceled orders must still be paid for by us. Canceling pre-orders at the last minute creates burdens for us and other customers, please be sure of your purchase.

Shipping Options

Dynamic Perception uses UPS (United Parcel Service) for all domestic (United States) product shipping and as our primary handler for international shipping. Dynamic Perception reserves the right to alter the shipper or shipment method at any time to ensure safe arrival of a package. Notably, we have contracted DHL for handling shipments to certain countries.
For all products except the six-foot rails, international shipments may use the International Economy shipping method, which is handled by Mail Innovations. Mail Innovations is a bulk mail handler which aggregates mail and then uses the commercial air flights for transport to the country of choice, where local mail services then handle the remainder of the delivery. Although the cost for this method is very low, there are certain drawbacks: Door-to-Door tracking is not available with Economy International.

Signature Tracking is not available with Economy International
Economy International requires a minimum volume to ship, your order may be delayed several days after you receive a shipment notification
Economy International mail is aggregated at an out-of-state location, this may add up to several days to the shipment after it has been picked up.
Dynamic Perception reserves the right to switch any international shipment from Economy International to UPS or any other carrier to ensure safe arrival of the customer's order.

International Orders and Local Fees

UPS may require you to have a local broker available for handling customs and tariffs. It is the responsibility of the customer to determine if a brokering service is required for their country, and to handle any required brokerage fees should a broker be required. Failure to provide a broker as needed for your country may delay shipment of your order.

The customer is responsible for any VAT, tariff, duty, taxes, handling fees, customs clearance charges, etc. required by your country for importing consumer goods! There is no way for us to predict your country's customs/fee habits, so be prepared to pay full taxes on the fully declared value of your order as well as any customs fees your countries postal system may charge you! Keep a printout of your email receipt as you may have to send a copy to your customs office.
If a shipment is returned to us for refusal or inability to pay customs fees, duties, or brokerage fees, your order will be canceled and a refund will be issued that is equal to the original purchase price minus any shipping fees, or fees accrued as a result of your order having returned to us. Often, these fees include the original duties or customs fees and could exceed the price of the product several times over. If you feel a shipment has been inadvertently returned to us, contact us immediately to work out other options! We cannot and will not falsify customs forms so please don't ask. All customs forms will be filled out with the exact and correct amount of your purchase.

Shipping Charges and Shipping Estimates

Shipping estimates provided with your initial order may fluctuate based on different factors - such as items added to or removed from an order before it shipped, a sudden rate increase for a particular region based on service factors or seasonal adjustments, or change of destination address before shipping. In all cases, we work to get the best shipping deals we can for your order, but the actual shipping price charged at time of shipment may be greater or less than the original shipping estimate. If a shipping cost increase exceeds 20% of the original shipping estimate, we will contact you via email for approval before shipping.
We reserve the right to adjust shipping methods based on any factors which we feel will hinder successful and safe delivery of your purchased products. We will always contact you if the actual shipping costs exceed the provided shipping estimate by more than 20%.

Warehouse Pick-Up

For customers in Ann Arbor Michigan, or will be around Ann Arbor as their order is ready, purchases may be picked up at our Ann Arbor office for free. Customers wanting an office pickup are highly encouraged to call or email first to establish a time they will arrive to ensure that appropriate staff is available to handle the order. Shipments to the Russian Federation

At this time, we are unable to ship products to individuals in the Russian Federation. None of the carriers we work with are able to effectively ensure that commercial packages to individuals will clear customs, and over 90% are returned to us being refused by customs. This results in several hundred dollars in shipping costs per attempt, and in an effort to ensure that we always deliver the product we sell to our customers, we are unfortunately unable to sell any product with a shipment address in the Russian Federation. UPS will automatically return any shipment, and DHL will attempt to deliver with a low success rate. For customers in the Russian Federation who wish to purchase a product, you must either arrange for an agent to pick up the product from our facilities on your behalf, and then ship it on to you, or you must be a business and prepared to meet the lengthy import requirements for businesses. We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause you.

Lost or Stolen Shipments
Customers reporting lost or stolen packages may initiate a claim with the shipping company of record. Dynamic Perception will assit the customer in provideing the necessary documentation required to complete such claim. Please note in most cases the shipping company has capped potential reimbursements at $100 + the cost of shipment. Dynamic Perception will not be held liable for costs above those reimbursed through the shipping agency claims process.

Prohibited Shipping Destinations
In compliance with United States law, under no circumstances will we ship to any of the following countries: Cuba Iran North Korea Sudan Syria