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Stage R: Rotary Pan/Tilt Unit
Stage R: Rotary Pan/Tilt Unit


Single Axis R unit. Rotary unit without motor for DIY projects. Add Dynamic Perception EZ swap motor (or mount bracket and standard 36mm gearbox motor with 8mm D-shaft) along with controller (MX3, MX2, AT2).
Our Price: $375.00

Product Code: DP-VX2-1

Product Description Package Contents
The Stage R: Rotary System is a tough-as-nails lightweight multistage motion control unit. Use it as a standalone pan or tilt timelapse and real-time video platform, combine two units for 2-axis pan and tilt motion or add two units to your slider for full 3-axis motion control.

Incredibly Versatile:
Each Stage R unit is capable of full 360 degree pan or tilt movement and its flexible modular design allows for hundreds of different motion combinations (100's, we're serious!). Connect two units together for full pan and tilt or connect one or two units to a dolly slider for ultra-dynamic 3-axis movement (slide + pan and/or tilt). Nail any shot from live action to time-lapse covering days with stunning camera motion!

Lightweight and Rock-Solid: A core lightweight rotary axis weighs only 3 lbs (with motor) and can be used independently or be paired with a second unit (7 lbs as a pair). The unit's full aluminum construction is tough-as-nails capable of supporting 20 lbs and unlike other devices allows for a low center of gravity and balance resulting in maximum camera stability. Each unit is weight to strength optimized so heavy camera equipment, challenging shooting locations and crummy weather conditions are no problem - it's a system you'll feel confident in.

Fast Set Up: Each Stage R unit can quickly mount to standard tripod release plates or a variety of commonly found support systems via multiple 1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 points (8 different locations to be exact!).

Multiple motor options: Opposing Quick-Snap motor mounts allow simple motor attachment on both sides of the rotary unit. The universal swappable mount means DC motors or stepper motors can easily be used to drive the system! Fully compatible with arca-swiss style clamps, L-brackets and accessories (included in two and three axis bundles) for maximum flexibility. From run and gun to complex motion control Stage R can handle it all.

Can be used on the Stage Zero and Stage One Dolly Sliders as well as many other third part slider platforms.