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Camera Cable Type: Nikon 10-pin/DC0 Camera Cable Type: Nikon DC1 Camera Cable Type: Nikon 3N/DC2

Camera Cable Type: 3/32" TRS/Canon E3 Camera Cable Type: Canon N3 Camera Cable Type: Sony Alpha S1
Canon E3 (3/32" TRS)

    • Canon: 60D, 70D, All the 'Rebels' (500D, 550D, 600D etc), T41, T3i, T2i, T1i, Kiss

    • Pentax: K5, K7, *istD, *istDL, *istDs, *ist, *istDL2, *K100D, K110D, K10D, K200, K20D

    • Samsung: GX, 1L, GX 1S, GX-10, GX-20
Canon N3

    • Canon: 10D, 20D,30D, 40D, 50D, 7D, 6D, 1D Mark II, 1Ds Mark II, 1D Mark III, 1Ds Mark III, 1D Mark IV, 5D, 5D Mark II & 5D Mark III

Camera Cable Type: Olympus UC1 Camera Cable Type: Panasonic 4-Pole/RS1 Camera Cable
Camera Cable
Our Price: $9.00

Remote control cables made by Pixel for most common camera types.  Ready and easy  hook-up to the MX2, MX3 or NMX Motion Controllers or any other device that uses a  3/32" TRS female jack.
2.5mm to Flash PC Sync Cable Digital Stepper Motor Connection Cable 2.1mm to 2.1mm Male to Male Replacement Power Cable
Flash PC Sync Cable
Our Price: $9.00
The 2.5mm to Flash PC Sync Cable connects directly to your digital NMX or analog MX3 controller or other devices that use a 3/32" TRS female jack.

Looking for different motor cable lengths, spares or replacements? This shielded digital stepper motor power and communication cable is available in 3 sizes and connects directly to the motor and NMX digital motion controller. Select a motor cable length below.

This male to male DC power cable can be used for a variety of uses, primarily to connect the Dynamic Perception portable power pack to the NMX or MX3 controller.
Stage One PLUS Replacement Wheels timelapse motion control motor quick snap bracket system Digital Stepper Pro Motor Connection Cables
Motor Mounting Bracket
Our Price: $15.00
Have a damaged Stage One PLUS wheel or looking to have a few spares in your kit? This is your item.

The Motor mounting bracket is a small adapter that screws onto your standard EZ-Swap DC motors or common stepper motors and aloows easy compatability with the The Motor Quick Snap System. With an adapted motor and the Quick Snap you can now easily swap motor speeds, manually re-position, or even switch to manual video sliding on the Stage Zero or Stage One in just seconds.

Looking for different motor cable lengths, spares or replacements for the Pro NMX Controller and Pro Motors? This rugged locking digital stepper motor power and communication cable is available in 3 sizes and connects directly to any Pro version stepper motor and Pro version NMX digital motion controller. Select a motor cable length below.

Brake and Drag Kit for Stage One Sliders Sapphire Cart Buddy Cart Buddy II
Sapphire Cart Buddy
Our Price: $30.00
Cart Buddy II
Our Price: $35.00

The Stage One brake and drag kit is a helpful addition for filmmakers wanting to enhance their manual slider shots.

  • Full-stop break kit with thumb-screw control
  • Selectable resistance drag kit with thumb screw control
  • 4x stainless attachment screws
The the time-lapse Need a little extra room on your cart? The Cart Buddy is a slip-on shelf to add some extra space when you need it.
Oversized Arca Compatable L Bracket Heavy-Duty Multi-Mount Plate for Stage Zero Pan Tilt 90 Degree Axis Bracket
Custom oversized arca-compatible camera L-bracket for use with Sapphire Pro, Stage R or anywhere you have an arca-style clamp. Bracket allows for extreme low center of gravity on the Sapphire Pro. Measure 5" by 5" Heavy-duty. Multi-mount. Take advantage of an extremely versatile array of mounting points: Enhance your Stage One system with center mount capabilities, new quick sliding double T-nuts make for easy no-miss tripod connection to your Stage Zero aluminum extrusion rail. Also great for expanding the surface connections options for your Stage R: rotary units. Quickly connect multiple Stage R Rotary units together to 2-axis Pan and Tilts shots in literally hundreds (we mean it hundreds!) of different ways. The heavy duty 90 degree bracket kit mounts directly to your rotary unit at multiple locations. Includes 1/4"-20 screws, plenty of spare screws, and a speed tighten tool.

Pan Tilt 90° Axis Bracket Kit Includes
  • Heavy Duty Pan Tilt 90° Axis Bracket
  • 16 Mounting Screws
  • Metric Tighten Tool
Portable 8000 mAh Battery Pack 12' Belt for sliders and dollies (12 ft) Power your MX2, MX3 or AT2 off of AC (mains) power with this adapter.
The Portable Power 8000mAh Lithium Ion Battery Pack is a compact power
source to run your system.  Has a 4 LED indicator for charge level and
It's small/light enough to fit in your pocket! The battery has both 12V
DC barrel output and 5V DC USB output. Comes with everything you need to
power any of our systems, no additional parts required.
A ready-to-use replacement belt for Sliders and Dollies. Power your MX2, MX3 or AT2 off of AC (mains) power with this adapter.
If you do not live in the US, you must also purchase the correct power cable for the countries in which you wish to use this adapter.
Bi-Pod Legs for Sliders (Set of two) Pro Extreme 23,000mAh Ultra-High Capacity Battery Pack Multi-angle Levelling Plate
Bi-Pod Legs for Sliders (Set of two)
Our Price: $150.00
Sale Price: $110.00
Savings: $40.00
The Bi-Pod is a lightweight and compact set of legs for your Stage Zero or Stage One Dolly, weighing in at just 4 ounces, it packs a sturdy punch for your low to the ground slider shots. This package includes a set of two Bi-pod mini legs, ready to run.

  • Legs are independently adjustable under load
Equipped with a captured 1/4-20 attachment knob, it can be directly connected to any of our sliders. On the Stage One, it mounts in any of the many 1/4-20 holes, or with the Stage Zero, you can easily attach it using one of our standard t-nuts. Need to go taller? Extension Sets add up to 2.25" of additional height per set.
Ultra-high 23,000mAh capacity means you can travel further and stay-out longer while keeping your motion control gear in full operation for days on end. In addition to operating your single or multi-axes motion control rig utilize it's versital USB Smart Ports (3.5A MAX) to charge your mobile devices at their max speed (an iPhone 12 times, a large-capacity phone like the Galaxy S4 7 times and tablets several). A large capacity power source for your demanding shooting requirements.
  • Durable slim aluminum-body
  • Indicator screen shows charge/charging status and voltage selection (9V/12V/16V/19V/20V)
  • Soft case with strap and extra pouch for MX3 controller, misc gear
  • Battery charger doubles as AC/DC wall unit for controller

Specification Summary:
Capacity: 23,000mAh (lithium-ion polymer battery cells)
Input: DC 12-24V / 2A
DC Output: 9V/12V/16V/19V/20V 4.5A
USB Output: DC 5V / 3.5A (2.5A+1A)

Keep more of your gear charged (device connectors included)

5V USB Output for smartphones & tablets:
Apple (30pin Apple connector not included, ready for any standard Apple USB charging cable)

10 notebook connectors included (outer x inner diameter in mm)
Please check the model, size, voltage and power of your original adapter to ensure compatibility.
A: 6.0*1.4-for Sony
E2: 3.0*1.0-for Acer (Ultrabook)
C: 5.5*2.1-for Lenovo, Acer, Toshiba
D: 4.75*1.7-for Asus , HP
E: 5.5*1.7-for Acer
G: 4.0*1.7-for Acer, Benq
H: 5.5*3.25-for Samsung
M: 4.5*11-for Lenovo (Ultrabook)
J: 7.4*5.0-for Dell, HP
K: 7.9*5.4-for Lenovo, Sony

When charging devices please select the voltage option that corresponds with your device's voltage and voltage range. You may need to consult with the devices label's or instruction manual for this information. When in doubt always choose the higher voltage option of it's range.
Now quickly and easily achieve levelled shots while sliding at any angle: The dynamic levelling wedge is a compact and light-weight adjustable mounting plate that eliminates the need for an additional camera head when angled or vertical creative sliding moves are desired. Perfect for panning and/or tilting with one or two Stage R: Rotary units on any slider. Infinitely adjustable from 0 degrees to 90 degrees and fully compatible with the Stage One and Stage Zero slider systems.

Includes one 3/8 16" mounting bolt, 8 secondary mounting screws and a center sliding 1/4 20" screw for fast camera or rotary connection. Take advantage of extreme versatility and creative freedom with multiple threaded and non-threaded connection points on both top and bottom plates. Both thumb tighten and handle tighten locking mechanisms are included.
D-Pod Micro Tripod Stage Zero Rebuild Kit timelapse motion control motor quick change system
D-Pod Micro Tripod
Our Price: $140.00
Stage Zero Rebuild Kit
Our Price: $150.00
Motor Quick Snap System
Our Price: $150.00
The D-Pod is a powerful little tripod, weighing in at just 7 ounces (198 gm), it has a load capacity up to 150 pounds (68 kg).
  • CNC machined from aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Legs are independently adjustable under load
  • Add even more height with optional Mini D-Pod Extension Sets
The Stage Zero Rebuild Kit provides all of the necessary components to refresh a Stage Zero Dolly back into a mechanically new condition.
  • Cart maintenance and replacement parts
  • Motor/Drive Train maintenance and replacement parts
  • Replacement camera mounting bolts
  • Rail and Belt maintenance and replacement parts
  • Hex Tool and clear organization case
The Motor Quick Snap System lets you swap motor speeds, manually re-position, or even switch to manual video sliding on the Stage Zero or Stage One in just seconds. This means you can switch from timelapse to real-time video movements in 15 seconds or less.
  • Specialized base plate for attachment to your Stage Zero or Stage One slider/dolly
  • Lets you swap motor speeds manually re-position, or even switch to manual video sliding on the Stage Zero or Stage One in just seconds
  • Custom-machined output shaft and bearing combination